Youtube warns! Watch the ad or pay, if you don’t agree then the content will be blocked for you

Youtube warns! Watch the ad or pay, if you don’t agree then the content will be blocked for you

Youtube Ad Blokcer: Youtube is strict with its users, who are using Ad Blocker to stop ads. The company has warned that if they do so, the content will be blocked for them.

>> Strictness is being done on those who use Ad Blocker on Youtube.
>> If users do not disable their ad blocker, then they will not be able to see the content.
>> YouTube is giving advice to take premium membership.

Youtube: No one likes to see advertisements on YouTube, and this is the reason why some people use ad-blockers. The ad-blocker tool prevents interstitial ads from appearing. But now YouTube has taken a stand to take strict action on it. The company has confirmed that it is internally testing a feature that will prevent users from using an ad blocker on the video app.

According to the report of Bleeping Computer, several users have posted screenshots on the social media platform Reddit, in which they have received a pop-up warning that their player will be blocked after three videos.

The warning states that unless users disable their ad blocker, content will be blocked for them. That is, he will not be able to play videos on the YouTube platform.

The Verge reported that a YouTube spokesperson said, ‘We are running a small experiment globally that will urge users using an ad blocker to allow ads on YouTube or use YouTube Premium. Is.

Violation of terms of service

It was told that Ad Blocker violates YouTube’s terms of service. Google-owned YouTube said affected users would receive ‘repeated notifications’ asking them to allow ads on the platform.

It has been seen that in some time advertisements on YouTube have started getting very long and most of the ads are not even given a skip button. Earlier, the skip button was available even with short videos, but now it does not happen. This is the reason why users get upset with ads and use Ad Blocker.

Explain that the company provides premium membership to give ad free experience to its users, in which ads do not appear with the video. YouTube Premium plan price in India starts from ₹129.

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