Will you have to pay money to use WhatsApp? 

The company is testing the WhatsApp Premium Subscription model. Although. This model will be optional. This is being tested only for business users.

Will you have to pay money to use WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp is working on a subscription-based model. Due to this, users will have to spend money to use many features. However, this will not be for everyone. This subscription model is being tested for WhatsApp Business.

It has been told in a report that WhatsApp Business Profile owners can also opt out of WhatsApp Premium and can use the current version continuously. The first time the report came about in April about the subscription model.

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It was told in this report that after taking the plan, WhatsApp Business users can link the device up to 10 devices. Now once again, WABetainfo, a website that monitors new features of WhatsApp, has reported about the development in it.

It has also been said in the report that WhatsApp Premium is being tested for Android, Desktop and iOS. This feature will be for business account only and it will be optional. That is, it will depend on the users whether they want to subscribe to it or not.

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Information about the details of the subscription plan has not been revealed yet. But, it is believed that after taking the subscription, additional features will be given to WhatsApp Business users. There can also be a feature to link up to 10 devices in this.

Right now users are able to link up to 4 devices with the multi-device feature. Apart from this, WhatsApp can allow business users to create unique custom business links on subscription. Let us tell you that WhatsApp business users can still create short links so that customers can contact them. For the time being, we will have to wait for official information regarding this feature.

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