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Why generic medicines are cheaper than branded medicines, understand in simple words

Generic medicines are developed for the use of their formulations and salts after the expiry of the patent of the first developers. Along with this, this Sithi manufacturing is done. While the companies themselves decide the price of patented branded drugs, the government intervenes to fix the price of generic drugs.

Why generic medicines are cheaper than branded medicines, understand in simple words

Branded And Generic medicine: Whenever we go to the doctor when we are ill, we buy the medicines prescribed by him directly from the medical store. There is trust in the medicines prescribed by the doctor and we bring the medicines. Do you know whether the name of the medicine that the doctor is writing on the prescription is generic or brand? Most of the answer will be no, because we do not play in the matter of health.

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Taking seriously the complaints of branded medicines being prescribed by doctors, UP Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak on Tuesday gave strict instructions to the medical and health department officials to prescribe only generic medicines. In this regard, a mandate was issued by Additional Chief Secretary, Medical and Health Amit Mohan Prasad in the evening.

Medical and Health Department issued orders

In the directive issued by the Medical and Health Department, all government hospitals have been asked to display the list of medicines available in the hospitals. Doctors should not prescribe medicines from outside to the patients at any cost. Along with this, it was instructed that the Jan Aushadhi Kendras should be operated in a better way.

Most people do not even know that branded medicines are much more expensive than generic medicines. And private doctors write only branded medicines in order to earn profit, which is heavy on our pocket. By the way, due to excessive use of medicines, a question remains in the mind of all of us that which medicines are more effective in brand and generic medicines. Read here to know about brand and generic drugs…

What is generic medicine?

For the treatment of a disease, after many types of research and study, a chemical (salt) is prepared, which is given the form of a medicine to make it easily available. Every company sells this salt with different names. Generally all medicines are a kind of chemical salt. These are made for different diseases after research. The generic drug is known by the name of the salt from which it is made. For example, if a company sells Paracetamol salt which is useful in pain and fever with the same name, then it will be called a generic drug. On the other hand, when it is sold under the name of a brand (like Crocin), it is called a branded drug of that company.

What are branded medicines?

When generic drugs are sold under a trade name or brand name, they are called branded generics.

Why are generic medicines cheaper?

The main reason for the cheapness of generic medicines is that they are not of any big brand. Because of which not much money is spent on marketing of these medicines. A lot of money is spent on marketing, research, promotion, development and branding of medicines. But, generic medicines are developed after the patent period of the first developers is over, their formulas and salts are used. Along with this, this Sithi manufacturing is done. While the prices of patented branded drugs are fixed by the companies themselves, the government intervenes to fix the prices of generic drugs.

Know the difference between brand and generic medicine

The difference between brand and generic medicine is in shape-size and colour. The packaging of the generic and the packaging of the branded drug are different. The difference between the two lies in the inactive ingredients that do not contribute to the healing effect of the drug. There is a big difference in the price of two medicines of the same salt. Although there can be evidence of generic medicine, but for this many mobile apps like Healthkart plus and Pharma Jan Samadhan are also available. Through them you can easily buy cheap medicines.

Benefits of generic drugs

Generic medicines go direct to the buyer. Generic medicines are cheaper than branded medicines. With this you can save a lot of money every month. Nothing is spent for the publicity of these medicines. That’s why they are cheap. The government itself decides the price of these medicines. Understand one thing that the effect, dosage and effects of generic medicines are the same as branded medicines. There is no difference in this.

Why are generic drugs cheaper than branded ones?

Generic medicines are ten to twenty times cheaper than the branded ones. Actually, Pharma companies spend a lot of money on research, patent and advertisement of branded medicines. While the price of generic medicines is fixed by the government and there is not much expenditure on its promotion.

Where and how to get generic medicine?

The Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India (BPPI) is responsible for implementing the Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana (PMBJP). In this, medicines are provided at low cost. Most of the generic medicines are sold at the Jan Aushadhi Kendra associated with it.

Ask your doctor to prescribe generic drugs

Apart from this, you can also ask your doctor to prescribe generic medicine. After this, you can also ask for good quality generic medicine from medical stores or chemists instead of branded ones. If generic medicine really becomes necessary, then it will benefit the patient both in terms of budget and health.

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