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WhatsApp: Imprisonment can go to jail, every message has to be traced to trace a message

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Whatsapp: Imprisonment can go to jail, every message has to be traced to trace a message

The government has asked WhatsApp that where the message has been made under the IT Rules, it has to be told. But according to WhatsApp, all messages have to be traced to trace a message.

Not only government vs Twitter, but also government vs WhatsApp. WhatsApp has gone to court against the new rule of the government. After all, what is not ready to accept WhatsApp?

Actually, under this IT rule, there is a provision that if needed, WhatsApp will have to inform the government about the originator of a message. WhatsApp has categorically refused to accept this rule.

What is the plea of ​​WhatsApp?

WhatsApp says that WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted. The meaning of this encryption is broadly that WhatsApp also cannot read users’ chats. According to WhatsApp, the company does not have the power to read someone’s chat or give it to any agency.

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Traceability can be misused …

According to WhatsApp, this is not possible due to end-to-end encryption. The company has said that there are many potential threats to trace the message and it can be misused.

For example, if you downloaded an image and shared it, take a screenshot of it and send it back.

Similarly, an article sent by someone is forwarded on WhatsApp, in such a situation you can be treated as an originator. But you are not its originator in the true sense.

According to WhatsApp, anyone can copy and paste any text and send their talk to anyone. WhatsApp has said that it should be treated like a tree that has many twigs, looking at a twig, it is not possible to guess how many twigs are there.

Human Rights Violation? Innocent people can be victims …

WhatsApp has said in its blog post that innocent people can also be caught during the investigation due to traceability or can go to jail.

In this blog post it has been said that if a person creates content that later gets spoiled in the eyes of the government, then in such a situation, users’ data can be sought from the companies. Even if at first it is not harmful from the point of view of the government.

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How is end-to-end encryption breaking down traceability?

According to WhatsApp, from 2016, the company had put end to end encryption on sharing calls, messages, photos, and videos.

According to the company, due to traceability, WhatsApp will have to keep track of the private messages of the users. That is, who said what and who shared what. In such a situation, you have to keep track of billions of messages.

For traceability, the messaging services have to store information so that it can be seen who has messaged it when it is time. If this is done then the end-to-end encryption will be broken.

A message trace means a trace of all messages .. how?

WhatsApp has also cleared in its blogpost that every message has to be traced to trace a message.

WhatsApp’s blog post says that it is difficult to get an idea of ​​what messages the government would like to examine in the future. By doing this, the traceability that a government wants is like a kind of mass surveillance.

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Your every personal message will be stored…

To follow this rule of the government, the messaging service will have to prepare a large database. This database will record every message you send or create a permanent identity stamp.

It is just like your fingerprint, so that it can reveal your private message. Who are you talking to and what are you talking about.

If this happens, then companies will start collecting more data of their users. In such a situation, when people want companies to have their data at least.

What does the government have to say?

Earlier on behalf of the government, it was said that WhatsApp should create a tool from which the originator of the message can be detected. This time it has been said the same. According to the latest statement of the government, this rule will not cause problems for the common people. But WhatsApp has said that this will put everyone’s privacy at risk.

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