What should be done immediately if someone dies after being hit by your car? Read Advocate’s advice

If your car collides with any person and that person gets hurt or dies, then what should be done, let me tell you.

What should be done immediately if someone dies after being hit by your car? Read Advocate’s advice

News Desk: There is such a question in the heading of the news which is not easy to answer. However, this difficult question has been explained by Advocate Naveen Dhar on quora in a very easy and precise way. He also keeps explaining such things on his YouTube channel ADVOCATE TALK. We are telling you the same article he has written on this topic. So let’s quickly tell you that if someone is hit by your car, then what should be done immediately? Would surrendering immediately to the police station be a good option?

So sir, whenever your car collides with any person and that person gets hurt or dies, then what should be done in such a situation, let me tell you.

Now from the point of view of humanity, after the accident, we should stop and take the injured person in our car and take it to the hospital, but practically it is not possible. Because when an accident happens, often a huge crowd gathers and starts beating the accident person blaming him and many times it has been seen that the car is also set on fire.

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Now in such a situation, if you are devastated by taking a car, then it will be considered that you ran away from the law and you did not help anyone after hurting him, and if this happens, then section 304 of IPC will be imposed on you. And you can be jailed up to 10 years or fine if a person dies in an accident with you.

Let me tell you here that if you die in an accident, then usually you are subject to section 304A, in which there is a provision of maximum punishment of 2 years and fine. But if you run away by accident then it will be presumed that you knew that you hit someone and if you don’t help him/her, he/she may die, and you ran away, because of this section 304 is levied which has 10 years imprisonment. Punishment is.

So now that you have understood the importance of helping and also know the disadvantages of being champ, now I will tell you the right way which you should adopt in a sudden accident so that the law does not punish you with harsh punishment.

So sir, if your accident happens on a deserted road and there is no danger from the public, then without delay, put the injured person in your car and take it to the nearest hospital. Now if there is a minor injury, then you can go home after satisfying the victim and paying the cost of its treatment.

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Now if the accident has become so severe that there is a possibility that the person may have died and there is a furious mob, then in such a situation, to avoid beating the public, stop the vehicle by taking a few kilometers ahead and immediately call the police helpline 112 and And tell the police that an accident has happened at this place, send an ambulance as soon as possible so that the injured can get treatment. You must also tell them your name.

Now because there is a record of the calls made to the police and later you can extract such records through RTI and give proof that you called for the help of the victim, such evidence will have to prove it later. I will help that your intention was to help the injured person, not to run away.

Now if you want, you can surrender directly to the police station, and after telling about the whole incident, you can come home without going to jail, that too on the same day. Hey watchman no sir, I am right, death by accident is an offense of section 304A, and this section is a bailable section, which means that the police will either release you from the police station on bail, or you will be taken from the court. Even if you present it in me, you will get bail immediately. Because there is a right to bail in bailable offenses, and this right cannot be taken away from you by the police or the court.

Always remember one thing, never go directly to the police station, because it may happen that the police demand respect from you and if you do not give, write a lie in the case that you did not come to him but he had arrested you after chasing him. Section 304 will be imposed on you, it is punishable with 10 years and the offense is not bailable.

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