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What is this rhinovirus, which is being said that he can defeat Corona?

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What is this rhinovirus, which is being said that he can defeat Corona?

If the virus of common cold and cold enters the body, then the coronavirus does not come in until the virus is gone (common cold virus may prevent from coronavirus). This rhinovirus responsible for colds and colds is seen as a protection against corona.

The current wave of corona in the country is creating its own orgy. All methods of providing relief are almost exhausted. Meanwhile, a new report brought relief. Some experts say that the common cold virus can enter the body and drive out the coronavirus. The common cold-cold virus is being termed Rhinovirus. At present, the report has not been confirmed, but if it can happen, it will be a matter of relief not only for India but for the whole world.

This is how the virus works

Viruses also work on the lines of humans or other animals. Just as we fight among ourselves to prove our place and prove ourselves, in the same way, viruses also fight for entry into the host body and the same virus wins, which will eliminate other viruses. The virus responsible for cold and cold also works on the same lines.

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The viral load may decrease

If the rhinovirus penetrates into the body, the risk of coronavirus will be reduced to some extent. That is, the viral load will be reduced. It will happen that with the help of medicines, the patient will be able to recover and the fear of reaching a critical condition will be less. This research science journal was published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

The experiment done like this

The research was done by the team of the Center for Virus Research in Glasgow. During the experiment, a structure consisting of cells was prepared, which works on the lines of the human respiratory system. In this, both the rhinovirus and coronavirus responsible for colds were released at one time. But the experiment showed that the structure was captured by rhinovirus, while it was almost unaffected by the coronavirus.

Danger may be reduced

During the experiment, it came out that in the first 24 hours after infection, if the rhinovirus can enter, then the fear of Kovid remains almost nil. Even after this, if kovid has a virus, the rhinovirus drives it out of the body. That is, if the virus of cold and cold comes into the body, then the risk of corona can be reduced.

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This experiment has been done before

Its effect was also shown. In fact, in the year 2009, when European countries were moaning badly due to swine flu, there was also a season of rhinovirus or common cold. In such a situation, people who had a cold were safe from swine flu. From this, it was also concluded that the coronavirus is activated in the body of the person, which does not contain rhinovirus.

Corona attack can happen again

Meanwhile, suspicion is also being raised that when the patient is cured of cold, it may be possible to attack Corona again. This will happen because then his immune system must have been silent. However, scientists believe that at present, no such experiment can be done at the mass level because no definitive evidence has been found for this. There can also be a danger that if both cold and corona spread at the same time, people should consider corona as mild and the disease reaches a critical stage.

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What is rhinovirus

It is also called RV in short. This is the most common cause of the common cold. This usually affects the upper respiratory tract. The outbreak of rhinovirus is usually seen during the winter and spring seasons, but it can also occur throughout the year.

Usually cures without medication

The good thing with rhinoviruses is that the symptoms caused by the virus, such as cold, runny nose, mild fever, or fatigue, go away within about a week. But in 25% of cases, it can last up to two weeks. There is no antivirus medicine for this virus and usually, it is not even needed. It is the human immune system that fixes it, although some medicines are definitely given to relieve symptoms.

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