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What has been revealed from the leaked document about 60% of the products of Nestle, the maker of Maggi?

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What has been revealed from the leaked document about 60% of the products of Nestle, the maker of Maggi?

Nestle, the same company whose Maggi and Nescafe coffee lovers are all crazy. The company is currently in controversy due to leaking of some internal documents. In fact, presentations about the company’s food and drink products were shared among some big executives of the company. It has been said in these that most of the goods made by Nestle cannot be called ‘healthy’. When a newspaper published the news through these leaked documents, there was an uproar. Now the company is trying to save the credibility. The company has said that it will soon reduce on the new health strategy.

Why is there so much ruckus?

The British newspaper Financial Times has made this big disclosure about Nestle. According to the newspaper, in a presentation shared among the executives of Nestle company, it has been said that most of the products of Nestle Food and Drinks are unhealthy. These presentations have been shared among Nestle officials in early 2021.

It states that 60 percent of Nestle’s flagship products are such that cannot be called healthy in the true sense. It has also been said in the documents circulated by the company that there are some products of the company which can never be healthy. It is stated in the presentation that

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Our products and categories are such that they will never be healthy, no matter how much we change.

Leaked documents also show that this is the case with almost 50 percent of Nestle’s products. The relief is that these documents do not include medical nutrition, pet food, coffee and formula for babies.

Which is considered healthy?

Now since these leaked documents have been described as unhealthy, then it should also be known that what is considered ‘healthy. There is a health star rating system in Australia for this. Each food item is rated out of 5. After this the food is sent to agencies around the world for research. Research on food is done by international organizations like ‘Access to Nutrition Foundation.

In the Nestle company’s food and drink, 37 percent have got a rating of 3.5 out of 5 according to Australia’s Health Star rating.

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In the internal documents of the company that have been leaked, Nestle has considered 3.5 ratings as a measure of healthy. The leaked documents believe that 70 percent of the company’s food items and 96 percent of its beverages (except coffee) do not fall in the healthy range. Apart from this, 99 percent of Nestle’s confectionery items (sweet items like toffee-chocolate etc.) and ice cream also do not fall under the category of healthy. The company’s only dairy products and water should be such that it matches the rating limit of 3.5.

Nestle has admitted in the documents that its food and drink are below the definition of being healthy. The company has said in the documents that

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We have improved our products a lot. But according to the definition of being healthy, our performance is still very low. The pressure of regulatory agencies and customer demand is increasing.

Nestle enters damage control mode

According to India Today, this report comes at a time when the company is promoting Maggi Noodles, KitKat and other products as healthy food. The company has already said that it is making changes in its nutrition and health strategy. After this report came to the fore, Nestle has come to the rescue. she said that

We will look at all our products and ensure that all provide a balanced diet and proper nutrition. We have built a strong foundation by working hard for decades. For example, we have gradually reduced the sugar and sodium in our diet of salmon. We have reduced it by 14-15 per cent in the last 7 years itself. We believe that a healthy diet means food that is tasty and healthy too. In such a situation, some place has also been kept for enjoying food. Our step towards change is completely clear. We will make all our products tasty and healthy.

Let us tell you that Nestle has already been involved in controversies in India regarding Maggi. Its sale in India was also being banned for a few days. Now this European brand may suffer due to such reports coming out. Nestle has a huge market in India. The company manufactures chocolates, noodles, canned milk, drinks etc. in India.



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