What does G stand for in Parle-G?

General Knowledge Topic: Parle-G was started in 1929, before independence the name of this biscuit used to be something else.

What does G stand for in Parle-G?

General Knowledge Topic: Parle-G was started in 1929, before independence the name of this biscuit used to be something else. Do you know what is the meaning of G in Parle? If not, then definitely read this news, we will tell you the answer to this secret question.

Parle-G Meaning: There will be hardly any child or elderly across the country, who has not eaten Parle-G Biscuit. Especially in childhood, this biscuit is absolutely a favorite of children. It can be said that if there is a discussion of biscuits, then Parle-G will come first on the tongue of the people.

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Children of the 90s will remember their era, when the combination of Parle-G with tea used to be famous. Even Parle-G‘s ad was very popular at that time. You must have heard many stories about the picture of the girl printed on her packet, but do you know the meaning of G written on the wrapper of the biscuit?

Story behind Parle-G

If you want to know the history of Parle-G, then you have to talk about it even before independence, because this company has been making this product since 1929. Although earlier its name used to be something else. Before independence, the name of Parle-G was Gluco Biscuit. You may be surprised to know that it was popular among both Indian and British soldiers during the Second World War. But after independence, the production of glucose biscuits was stopped. Actually, wheat was used to make it and at that time there was a food crisis in the country, due to which its production had to be stopped.

Britannia took possession

After the closure of Parle-G, competition started increasing among other companies in the Indian market. Especially at that time, Britannia had launched Glucose-D biscuits and the company was trying to capture the entire market. At the same time, Gluco Biscuit was relaunched.

Parle-G girl and G means

At the time of launch, it was named Parle-G, and a small girl’s photo was also put on the cover. It is said that the name Parle was taken from the Vile-Parle area of ​​Mumbai. Where its factory used to be. At the same time, ‘G’ in Parle-G meant ‘glucose’. Actually, Parle-G is Glock’s Biscuit. However, the company changed its name in the year 2000 and ‘G’ meaning ‘Genius’ was promoted.


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