This solar light emits as much light as 20 bulbs, customers can buy it for just Rs 199

Solar Light: You must have seen many solar lights but this solar light is completely automatic and it never needs electricity.

This solar light emits as much light as 20 bulbs, customers can buy it for just Rs 199

Automatic Solar Light: If you are thinking of installing lighting on the roof of your house, and you want that the electricity bill does not increase due to lighting, then you do not have to worry anymore because the price is very affordable. Now a special solar light has come in the market, which not only gives strong light, but at the same time, this light also helps you to reduce the electricity bill.

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what is this device

The device that we are talking about today is actually a solar LED light which is very different from a normal LED light because you can install it on the steps of your home or terrace and then whenever you walk on the stairs. This light turns on automatically and you don’t have to switch it on or off.

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This is a great 16 device and believe that if you have installed these lights on the roof area of your house, then you will not need to do separate lighting and assuming that the electricity of at least 1 floor will be completely free. Will happen Whether the house is small or big, you do not need to worry, use this lighting on this floor and forget the tension of electricity. It can be bought for Rs.199.

solar light talkaaj

Device Specification

The lighting we are talking about comes with a motion sensor, as well as a solar panel and a powerful battery, which works for hours after being fully charged, and it also charges continuously in sunlight. It keeps happening, in such a situation you will not have to worry about it.

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