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These major changes will happen in WhatsApp after May 15, there will be a huge loss if you do not accept the privacy policy

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These major changes will happen in WhatsApp after May 15, there will be a huge loss if you do not accept the privacy policy

WhatsApp had told a few days after the start of the new year that the company is going to bring its new privacy policy in India. In early January, the company had issued a new term and condition notification in all its official platforms as well as in the status section of the app. This new WhatsApp Terms and Privacy Policy will come into effect from next Monday i.e. May 15.

From May 15, there are major changes in the use of WhatsApp. People have questions with fear and doubt about what will happen in their WhatsApp after May 15. Whether WhatsApp will run or not. And if it does, will we have to pay for it. While answering these questions of users, we have further told how much your WhatsApp will change after May 15, 2021.

WhatsApp account will not be closed on May 15

First of all, let us tell you that the new WhatsApp Privacy Policy was to come into force from February 8, but then it was extended on this date. But this time the company is in no mood to postpone this date any further. This new policy will come into effect from May 15. But the news of relief is that after the new policy comes into force, the company will not immediately close the accounts of those who have not considered the term and condition. The company will give a little more time to such users.

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There will be an extension of time but no one will be saved

WhatsApp, adopting a strict attitude on its new privacy policy, has told that every user has to accept this policy. Until May 15, the company will send notifications to users who will not accept it, on a few weeks. Those who are more lax in aggregating it, the company will gradually stop sending notifications to them and then after a time the services of WhatsApp will be limited by the company on the account of such users. Also read: WhatsApp’s new feature will make chatting fun, stickers will be seen as you type the message

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Will not be able to send messages

Users who accept WhatsApp Privacy Policy will be limited by the account company. Under this, users will not be able to access the chat list in their app. This means WhatsApp users will not be able to send messages to anyone because of the lack of a chat list. In the same way, no contact will be visible and no voice call or video call can be made due to lack of access to the chat list. That is, WhatsApp will not pay its services, but in the case of services, users who do not accept its condition will be pauperized.

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There will be an option to receive the message

Users who do not Agree WhatsApp Privacy Policy will not get the chat list access, but if you send any message to such users, then they can be seen in their WhatsApp notifications. Through the notification, that message can be read and can also be reprinted. Similarly, if someone makes a voice/video call, it can also be received.

All services will be closed after the deadline

Shortly after receiving the permission to receive messages and calls, these limited services will also be completely stopped by WhatsApp. WhatsApp users will neither be able to receive the call nor will they be able to read and reply to any message sent to them. That is, WhatsApp will stop completely after a while.

So it is clear here that if WhatsApp is to be run, then the new Privacy Policy 2021 of the app will have to be accepted and all the terms and conditions will have to be accepted.

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