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There is not a single prisoner in this country of the world, all the jails are empty

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There is not a single prisoner in this country of the world, all the jails are empty

These days the Netherlands jails are completely empty. There has been such a drop in the crime rate in the Netherlands that there is not a single prisoner left. Prisoners from neighboring country Norway are being shifted to the Netherlands prison.

Knowledge: the Netherlands is counted among the most beautiful countries in the world. Everyone definitely dreams of visiting here at some time in their life. But nowadays this country, along with its beauty, remains a topic of discussion among the people for other reasons as well (Viral News). While other countries are troubled by their crime rate, in the Netherlands, the crime rate has declined so fast that the jails here are lying vacant.

The Netherlands is the example for every country

The process of closure of jails has been going on since 2013 in the Netherlands Jail Closed. In the year 2019 too, some jails were closed here. Some jails have been converted into permanent housing for refugees. The Dutch system on attitude with prisoners is being praised all over Europe News. According to experts, this is a great example for other countries. Here, not only the crime rate but also the way the criminals are treated has contributed a lot in changing the situation.

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Increased focus on the mental health of prisoners

Everyone wants to know what happened in the Netherlands that all the jails are completely empty (Netherlands Jail Closed). In fact, in the Dutch Justice System special attention was paid to prisoners suffering from mental health. This system is based on understanding and prevention rather than punishment. Whoever commits a crime in the country has to pay a fine or attend a rehabilitation program run by a psychologist. For prisoners who have spent many years in jail, the punishment was reduced.

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Prisoners being sent from the neighboring country

According to a report, in the Netherlands, neighboring countries have been sending prisoners from Norway to Norway to keep the Jail System running. The crime rate in Norway is very high. This system started from the year 2015 because Norway is running out of space to keep its prisoners. In the Netherlands, the prisoners are kept much better and their prisoners food is also properly arranged. It is considered important in terms of human rights there.

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