Sylvester Stallone Turns 76: Born with a paralyzed face, the family members slept on the bus stand when he was taken out, and the first film won the Oscar

An actor born with a paralyzed face. The family members took him out of the house. Due to compulsion, he sold his only friend (dog) for 50 dollars.

Sylvester Stallone Turns 76: Born with a paralyzed face, the family members slept on the bus stand when he was taken out, and the first film won the Oscar

Sylvester Stallone Turns 76:  An actor born with a paralyzed face. The family members took him out of the house. Due to compulsion, he sold his only friend (dog) for 50 dollars. Wandered from door to door for the first film, wrote the script himself, and became the hero in it. Bring the dog back as soon as the first signing amount is received. When the film was released, it became timeless.

Today is the birthday of Hollywood’s famous actor Sylvester Stallone. Sylvester turns 76 today. Sylvester, who left a different mark in Hollywood from his very first film, had a very difficult journey coming to the movies. It was they who sold their beloved dog due to scarcity, then became impatient to bring it back. Bring the dog back in the first signing amount only. When his film was released, it was such a huge hit that it was nominated for Oscar in 10 categories. Sylvester did 3 marriages. They had two sons, but one died in front of them. When the son’s face started appearing in front of his eyes, again and again, Sylvester performed his last rites according to Hindu rituals.

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So let’s know about the surprising story of Sylvester Stallone on his birthday today.

Paralyzed face due to wrong delivery

Sylvester Stallone was born on 6 July 1946 in New York City. Her father is the famous hairdresser Francisco Stallone. His mother Jacqueline Stallone has been an astrologer and dancer. A part of his face was paralyzed due to complications in Sylvester’s delivery. As soon as he regained consciousness, he had only seen the quarrels of the parents. When he turned 5 years old, his parents separated. Sylvester started living with his father.

Children used to tease because of their different face

Sylvester was under a lot of stress due to the constant quarrels of their parents. In such a situation, due to his face being paralyzed, he looked different from the school children, and the children used to tease him. Because of all this, Sylvester’s nature became irritable. As a result, Sylvester started beating the school children every day. Because of which he was thrown out of school time and again. Similarly, he grew up battling many struggles. He had no job, no source of income. His condition was getting worse day by day.

family evicted from home

There came a time when Sylvester was thrown out of the house by his family. At that time, Sylvester had no place to live, nor money to eat. At this time Sylvester was offered $ 200 to work in a soft pornography film. What would not die, then Sylvester’s condition was also similar. He did not refuse this work.

slept in bus stand for 3 weeks

Sylvester still did not have a home. He spent 3 weeks sleeping at the bus stand. For the money, he also did the cleaning work in the zoo. A few days later, he found shelter in his girlfriend’s house. His girlfriend used to work as a waitress. During this time the trouble did not end, so Sylvester had to sell his companion dog of sorrows. He had a great attachment to his dog.

got small rolls

Sylvester started getting inspiration from his girlfriends to work in films. He started acting in films. His body was very good, so he used to get small roles. Sylvester was now hungry to become a lead actor, but he came to know that it is difficult to get the role of a lead actor just by acting. The paralyzed face and heavy voice from above were also creating problems for him.

film written after watching boxing match

One day in 1975, Stallone was watching a boxing match between famous boxers Mohammad Ali and Chuck Wapner. This match changed Stallone’s life. Actually seeing this match, Stallone wrote the script of the movie “Rocky”. He was already fond of writing. He also had to do the lead role in this film. In such a situation, he was looking for a producer to produce the film. After a lot of searching, he found a producer, but he put a condition to sign another actor in the lead role. This condition was not lost to Stallone. He continued looking for a new producer. After much trouble, he finally got the producer.

Bring the dog back home in the first signing amount

After Stallone’s wandering from door to door, the United States and Chartoff Wrinkle Productions agreed to make the film, but on the condition that the budget of the film would not be high. Stallone accepted this condition. The budget of the film was kept at 1.2 crores. As soon as he got the signing amount for the film, Stallone first brought his beloved dog back home.

The film released in 1976 broke all the records

Stallone’s first film as a lead actor, Rocky, was released in 1976. The film created a ruckus as soon as it was released. The film surprised everyone by winning the Oscar Award along with tremendous earnings. This film was nominated in the Oscars in 10 categories. The film was such a hit that it had 5 parts.

Rocky and Rambo played in 13 films

Stallone has played the role of Rocky and Rambo in about 13 films. He has done many great films in his life like Rambo, Escape, The Expendables. Many Bollywood stars consider him as their idol.

Shraddha performed according to Hindu rituals in Haridwar on the death of son

Stallone has been married three times. At the age of 28, he married Sasha Cred. The dispute between the two started increasing due to which the couple separated. After this he married actress and model Brigitte Nelson, but this relationship did not last long. Stallone married Jennifer Flavin in 1997. He had five children from all three marriages. His eldest son Saga died of heart disease at the age of 35, after which Stallone began to see the dead son’s face repeatedly. After taking advice from friends, he got the son’s Shradh done in Haridwar according to Hindu customs.

Net worth is Rs 3 thousand 171 crore

The net worth of Sylvester Stallone is 3 thousand 171 crores. He lives a luxurious life and owns a luxurious house. He has every facility in his house. Currently, she is busy in the making of the upcoming drama series Tulsa King.

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