Sapna Choudhary Hit Songs 2022 These songs of Sapna Choudhary dominated the whole year

Sapna Choudhary Hit Songs 2022: This year was even more special for the Haryanvi industry. Especially for Sapna Chowdhary. Don't know how many songs were released throughout the year, which people liked very much and people are dancing a lot on these songs this wedding season.

Sapna Choudhary Hit Songs 2022 These songs of Sapna Choudhary dominated the whole year

Sapna Choudhary Songs 2022: There will be nothing wrong if Sapna Choudhary is called the identity of Haryanvi industry. In the last few years, the way Sapna has established herself, the Haryanvi entertainment world has also come up several notches. People like Sapna’s songs very much, not only in Haryana but also in Delhi, UP, Rajasthan, Punjab, Bihar. Sister-in-law dances a lot on Sapna’s songs, while daughters-in-law also dance hard. This year also many songs of Sapna have been releasing back to back. Which are heard a lot on DJ in every function.

Sapna Choudhary Hit Haryanvi Songs List 2022 

Pani Chhalke

This song of Sapna Chowdhary was released on YouTube this year and it created such a buzz that it got several million views in a few days. Released 10 months ago, this song has been viewed more than 101 million times so far and this wedding season, this song is being heard the most on DJs, while people have also made reels on it.


Apart from Pani Chalkai, another song of Sapna Chowdhary was a tremendous hit. That was wrapped up. This song has created a lot of buzz since its release. People are listening to it a lot, as well as this song has created a lot of noise on the DJ as well.


The girls are also dancing a lot on this song released a few months ago. This song of Sapna was one of the superhit Haryanvi songs of this year. On which people made a reel fiercely, then it is being heard a lot on the DJ too.


When Sapna got hiccups, people did not refrain from dancing fiercely on it. This song of Sapna Chowdhary also featured in the favorite track list of people throughout the year. This song has also got 6 million views so far.

Son Ki Tagdi

Sapna showed a lot of tantrums and expressed her displeasure while demanding strength from her beloved. This song also got a lot of love and people were seen dancing fiercely on it.

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