Queen Elizabeth II Death

Queen Elizabeth II - Britain's longest-reigning monarch, has died. The Queen, who ruled Britain for 70 years, died at the age of 96 in Balmoral, Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth II Death

Queen Elizabeth II – Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, has died. The Queen, who ruled Britain for 70 years, died at the age of 96 in Balmoral, Scotland.

He breathed his last peacefully at his estate in Scotland on Thursday afternoon. She stayed in this estate for most of the summer season this year.

Elizabeth II ascended the throne of Britain in 1952, and she witnessed widespread social changes during her reign.

His eldest son, now Britain’s new monarch, King Charles III, has said the death of his beloved mother is a “time of great sadness” for him and his family and that her loss will be “deeply felt” around the world.

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of a popular ruler and a very dear mother,” he said.

“We know that his loss will be deeply felt throughout the nation, in the territories and the Commonwealth, and in countless people around the world.”

He said that in times to come, he and his family would be “relieved and strengthened by how much people loved and respected the Queen.”

According to Buckingham Palace, King Charles and his wife Camilla – who will now be called the Queen Consort – will return to London on Friday.

On Thursday, senior members of the royal family started gathering at Balmoral after doctors raised concerns about the Queen’s health.

After the doctors kept the Queen under observation, all the children of the Queen reached Balmoral near Aberdeen.

His grandson and now Prince William of Britain and his younger brother Prince Harry also reached there.

Prime Minister Liz Truss said the Queen was the rock on which modern Britain was built, who “gave us the stability and strength we needed.” On this Tuesday, the Queen appointed Liz Truss as the new prime minister.

Talking about the new king, Truss said, “We will owe to him the same loyalty and dedication as his mother was devoted to so many people for so long.”

“And with the end of the second Elizabethan era, we are entering a new period in the vast history of our great country, which is exactly what the Queen would have wished for, by saying these words – ‘God save the King’. ”

During Queen Elizabeth II’s tenure as head of state, Britain saw a period of turmoil after World War II, the transformation of an empire into the Commonwealth, the end of the Cold War and Britain’s joining and then leaving the European Union.

Britain saw 15 prime ministers during his tenure. Winston Churchill, born in 1874, was the first prime minister of his reign, and Liz Truss who was born in 1975, 101 years after Churchill’s birth.

Throughout her tenure, the Queen met the Prime Minister every week.

Queen Elizabeth was born on 21 April 1926 in Mayfair, London. Her birth name was Elizabeth Alexandra Marie Windsor.

People waiting for news about the Queen’s health outside Buckingham Palace in London started crying after the announcement of her death.

At exactly 6:30 (British time), the Union Jack, the national flag at the British Royal House, was lowered at half-mast and a notice formally announcing the Queen’s death was placed outside the main gate.

Following the Queen’s death, Prince William and his wife Catherine became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall.

The Queen was born on April 21, 1926 in Mayfair, London. Her birth name was Elizabeth Alexandra Marie Windsor.

No one could have imagined that she would one day become Queen of Britain, but in 1936 her father’s elder brother, Edward VIII, abdicated the throne to marry American citizen and twice divorcee Wallis Simpson.

He was followed by Elizabeth’s father, Albert, and then ten-year-old Lilibet became the heir to the throne. Elizabeth was called Lilibet in the family.

Britain was fighting a war with Nazi Germany only three years later. Elizabeth and her younger sister Princess Margaret spent most of the time at Windsor Castle during the war. Her family had rejected suggestions to safely transport the princesses to Canada.

At the age of 18, Elizabeth worked for five months with the Auxiliary Territorial Service and learned to work as a motor mechanic and to drive.

Talking about this later, the Queen had said, “I started to understand the esprit de corps which develops in the face of adversity.”

During the war, she had been sending letters to her distant cousin and Prince Philip. Prince Philip of Greece was serving in the Royal Navy.

A romance ensued between the two and the couple married on 20 November 1947 at Westminster Abbey. Prince Philip received the title of Duke of Edinburgh.

Later in 2021, before Prince Philip died at the age of 99, the Queen said of him, “He was my strength and I lived in him” during their 74-year marriage.

Their first son, Charles, was born in 1948, followed by Princess Anne in 1950, then Prince Andrew in 1960, and Prince Edward in 1964. All these gave eight grandchildren and 12 great-grand-grandchildren to the queen.

In 1952, Princess Elizabeth was in Kenya representing the ailing monarch when her husband Philip informed her of her father’s death. She immediately returned to London as the new Queen.

Later, the Queen had said about this, “The challenge was in front of me to fulfill this responsibility given to me in the right way.”

At the age of 27, Elizabeth was crowned at Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953. This program was watched live on TV by more than 20 million people worldwide. Many people were watching Live TV for the first time.

Major changes took place over the next few decades, the worldwide British Empire collapsed, and the 1960s saw major changes in British society.

This was a less respectable period for the monarchy. During this time Elizabeth made many reforms in the monarchy, she became closer to the common people and took part in public functions. She was constantly committed to the Commonwealth, she did visit every Commonwealth country at least once.

But there were also periods of private and public suffering in his life. In 1992, Windsor Castle was destroyed in a fire. It was the private residence and workplace of the Queen. The marriages of his three children also broke up.

After Princess Diana’s death in a car accident in Paris in 1997, the Queen has also been criticized for not talking about it publicly.

Questions also arose about the relevance of monarchy in modern society.

The Queen acknowledged that no organization should expect it to be beyond the scrutiny of those who give her their support and loyalty, not to mention those who do not.

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