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Prime Narendra Modi gave the gift to the farmers, now only 1200 rupees will get dap manure bag

Prime Narendra Modi
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Prime Narendra Modi gave the gift to the farmers, now only 1200 rupees will get dap manure bag

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reduced the price of a bag of dap manure from Rs 2400 to Rs 1200. Its information PM has shared itself on Twitter.

The central government has given a gift to the farmers, Daamonia Phosphate (DAP) has reduced the price of a bag of manure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) has shared this information by tweeting from his Twitter handle on Wednesday.

Fertilization of half prices

PM Modi wrote in his tweet, “Government is committed to improving the life of farmers. Therefore, despite the increase in international values, we have decided to provide them on the old rates. After today’s decision, a bag of Dap manure will be available in Rs 1200 in place of Rs 2400. ”

Now get 140 percent subsidy

In fact, the government has increased the subsidy on DAP from Rs 500 to 1200 rupees. In simple words, the vegetable has made 140 percent. This will cost Rs 1200 to Rs 2,400 per sack to the farmers. This decision has been taken in a high-level meeting on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Recently 60-70 percent have increased prices

It is worth mentioning that the real estate of DAP last year was Rs 1,700 per sack. On this, the central government had subsidized Rs 500. In this way the farmers had to pay a price of Rs. 1200. However, the prices of phosphoric acid, ammonia used in DAP have increased from 60 to 70 percent. Due to this, a sack of DAP has been Rs 2,400. Subsidy companies are reduced to Rs 1900 by reducing subsidies.

What will be the resentment of farmers?

The central government has taken this decision at a time when the government has suffered anger and movement about amendments in agricultural laws. This decision is being seen as an effort to overcome the resentment of the farmers. It is known that the government has faced movement and slogans to the government since the amendment of three agricultural laws. This is the reason that BJP had a big shock in the recent elections.

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