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Price Of Airplane: You must know the price of bike-car, but how much does an airplane cost? have you ever thought

Cost Of Airplane: You must know the bike-price and probably the price of the bus. But have you ever wondered how much a giant airplane flying in the air would cost.

Price Of Airplane: You must know the price of a bike-car, but how much does an airplane cost? have you ever thought

How Much Cost Of Airplanes: Nowadays traveling anywhere has become much easier than before. For this, there are means from bike-car to bus-train. At the same time, you can also take the help of an airplane to go to another city or country. Many big businessmen even keep their own private planes for commuting. We all have a rough idea of the cost of bikes, cars, and buses. Have you ever wondered how much money a giant-sized airplane flying in the air would cost? Most of us will not have an answer to this question but never mind. Today we are going to give detailed information about this in this article.

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Planes are made on order

First of all, let us tell you that there is no fixed price for airplanes. These vessels are made on order. Depending on their size, equipment, and facilities installed in them, their cost becomes less or more. If you buy a small size aircraft with a seating capacity of 6 people, then its cost will be less. While the cost of a plane with a seating capacity of 300 people will be many times more than that.

Price ranges from crores to billions of rupees

According to the Finances Online website, the cost of the Gulfstream IV aircraft is $38 million i.e. Rs 3 billion 12 crore 57 lakh. While the cost of B-2 Spirit aircraft is around $737 million i.e. around Rs 60 billion. If we talk about the cost of the most expensive plane, then the cost of Boeing company’s planes is considered high.

Big reason behind being expensive

The reason behind the high cost of planes is the state-of-the-art technology, machines and human labor involved in it. This technology is present only in a few countries of the world like America. This is the reason why these countries have a monopoly on this technology and they sell these aircraft to the world at exorbitant prices. Due to which their prices (Cost Of Airplane) increase a lot. However, now many countries including India are engaged in developing the technology of aircraft manufacturing. But it will still take a long time.

Such planes are in operation in India

Talking about India, all types of planes are in operation here. If 6-seater planes are seen here, then giant Globemaster-like planes will also be seen, which are operated by the Indian Air Force. While big businessmen like Mukesh Ambani use medium sized planes. Apart from him, his staff members also board in these planes. In these private planes, there is arrangement for food, drink, entertainment and even beds for sleeping.

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