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Now electricity will be generated due to sweat, the phone will be able to charge: Research

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Now electricity will be generated due to sweat, the phone will be able to charge: Research

American scientists have created a device to be worn on the fingers. The sweat coming out of this device will generate electricity and charge the phone.

US researchers have discovered a handheld device that can use a person’s sweat to generate electricity from it. To make this possible, scientists have prepared a prototype of the device. With the help of this, the power will be ready before sweat and then the phone will be charged. This device has been designed by researchers from the University of California, San Diego.

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That’s how this technology works

The device prepared by American scientists will be worn on the fingers. Electricity will be generated by sweat coming out while sleeping or sitting at night. This will charge the smartphone. Electrical conductors are attached to the device. Carbon foam has been used in this which absorbs the sweat coming out of the fingers. Enzymes present on the electrodes initiate a chemical reaction between the sweat particles. This generates electricity. A small chip is placed under the electrode, which when pressed causes the device to generate power.

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The material in the device is flexible

American researcher Lu Yin says the size of the device is one square centimeter. The material used in the device is flexible. Therefore, wearing it in the fingers will not feel uncomfortable. You can wear it for any length of time. Researchers say that this device produces power slowly. To charge a smartphone, a person has to wear this device for about 3 weeks. Its charging capacity can be increased in the future.

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That’s why it is necessary to put a chip on the fingers

If it is worn in all fingers, up to 10 times more energy can be stored. Wearing the device on the fingers because more sweat comes out from here. As sweating starts, power is generated. There is no need for exercise or physical activity to remove sweat or moisture from the fingers. Senior Professor Joseph Wong says that even if you are not doing anything at the tip of the finger, there is a very small amount of sweating. With the help of this technology, you can generate electricity from it without any effort.

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