Names, phone numbers, emails can now be removed from Google, we explain how

In fact, when someone searches on Google for a particular company, their name and phone number comes up immediately.

Names, phone numbers, emails can now be removed from Google, we explain how

We have a friend, not bothered with life but with Google. You will say how can someone get upset with Google. What a straightforward child, he does whatever he says. Then whether it is a matter of searching or saying Ok Google, why not extinguish the lights of the room. Friends are troubled by this search of ours.

In fact, when someone searches on Google for a particular company, their name and phone number comes up immediately. Now the poor company had left even before the new world began. Don’t understand…hey brother before covid-19 started. But the unnamed phone keeps ringing even today. Now the only solution for this is to remove your name, phone number and email from Google. But is this possible? It was not there even before the last day, but Google seems to have listened to you. Now your personal details can be removed from Google. How will this happen, he should know from us.

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Google is a highway which is one way in a way. Meaning that once you climb, it is difficult to get down. Although you may not be able to get off, but you can definitely stop the car on the side. If you say, you can remove many information related to you from Google (Remove your phone number and address from google search). Describing this, Google has said,

The main purpose of Google Search is to make information available to all. Along with this, such tools are also to be provided to the people by which they can keep the sensitive information related to them safe. That’s why we are updating our policy after which users will get more control over their online availability.

However, it is not that the information related to you on Google could not be deleted earlier. But its scope was limited. That is to say, if the details or bank details related to your credit card are visible on Google, then they could have been removed. But now a lot can be removed from the new update.

To remove any such information, you will have to apply in the form of a form to Google. We are sharing its link with you.

What can you remove?

Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Meaning information related to your identity or any such detail in whose name you can be cyber-harassed. Once your request is received, Google will decide what to remove and what to keep. If your request is accepted, all or part of the URL (website or webpage) associated with your information may be removed.

  • What are the rules for personal information?
  • Your ID proof or any photo related to it.
  • Bank account details or credit card number.
  • Signature photo.
  • Health information or any other official record.
  • Personal contact details like phone number, address and email.

There are also some very important conditions for removing information related to cyber harassment.

First, your contact is visible. Second, you may have been directly intimidated or threatened. You yourself or someone related to you can send a request to Google, but for this they will have to provide documents related to their identity. You will get an automatic confirmation mail once your request is submitted. Google will check your request properly and will also collect the rest of the information related to it. You will also get notification of whatever decision will be taken on your request.

Take care of one thing. Deleting details from Google does not mean that your information has disappeared from the Internet. Apart from Google, there are many other browsers on the Internet. In such a situation, you will also have to contact the concerned website to remove your details.

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