Myanmar Air Strike: Celebration was being celebrated at this place, the army did the air strike; more than 80 died

Kachin Ethnic Minority Killed: After the military coup in February last year, for the first time in the airstrike at the ceremony organized on Sunday night, the case of the death of such a large number of people in a single attack has come to the fore.

Myanmar Air Strike: Celebration was being celebrated at this place, the army did the air strike; more than 80 died

World News: More than 80 people, including singers and musicians, were killed in the airstrikes by the Myanmar army. He had attended the anniversary celebrations of the main political organization of the Kachin ethnic minority group. The group members and a rescue worker gave this information on Monday.

A spokesman for the Kachin Arts Association said 80 people were killed and about 100 others were injured in Sunday night’s airstrikes. He said four bombs were dropped by military aircraft at the venue. The attacks come three days after foreign ministers of Southeast Asian countries are scheduled to hold a special meeting in Indonesia to discuss the widespread violence in Myanmar.

For the first time since the military coup in February last year, the airstrikes at the ceremony held on Sunday night have come to light for the first time that such a large number of people have died in a single attack.

It is impossible to independently confirm the details of the incident. However, a video shared by media sympathetic to Kachin shows the horrific aftermath of the attack. The military government’s information office confirmed in a statement late Monday that the headquarters of the Kachin Independence Army’s 9th Brigade had been attacked. It was called an urgent operation in response to the terrorist acts of the Kachin group.

However, the Information Office dismissed reports of a large number of casualties as a rumor and denied that the military bombed the concert and that the listeners were among the dead.

The UN office in Myanmar said in a statement that it was deeply concerned and saddened by the reports of the air strikes. The use of force by the security forces against unarmed civilians is unacceptable and those responsible should be held accountable, the statement said.

Demands for autonomy for ethnic minorities in Myanmar have been rejected for decades. Celebrations of the 62nd anniversary of the founding of the Kachin Independence Organization were being celebrated on Sunday at a site that is also used by the Kachin military wing for military training. It is located in the Hapakant region, about 950 km from Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar.

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