Millions of people may die before 2030 by eating salt, WHO warns, protect yourself like this

If you also eat more salt, then be careful now because according to the report released by the World Health Organization, most of the deaths in the world are due to the consumption of salt.

Millions of people may die before 2030 by eating salt, WHO warns, protect yourself like this

Often people like spicy and salty things in their food. In such a situation, even bland food does not go down their throats. Many times people always complain about the lack of salt in the food. But do you know that eating too much salt can kill you? We are not saying this, but it has been revealed in a report released by the World Health Organization recently.

According to this report of the World Health Organization, consuming more salt makes your body a home for diseases. It has also been told in this report that most of the deaths in the world are caused by eating more salt and if this trend continues, then by the year 2030, 7 million people will die in the whole world only because of eating more salt. In such a situation, the World Health Organization is trying to set a target in the world that by the year 2025, a campaign to eat 30 percent less salt will be launched.

7 million people may die by 2030

According to this report released by the World Health Organization, if people do not control the habit of eating more salt in time, then by the year 2030, about 7 million people worldwide may lose their lives due to salt. This is the reason that by 2030, a target has been set by WHO to reduce 30 percent salt in people’s food.

Can be a victim of these diseases

Eating too much salt is harmful for the body. 5 grams of salt i.e. one teaspoon of salt is enough for every day, but most of the people consume double the quantity, the intake of more salt increases the water retention in the body. Along with this, there is also an increase in high BP and heart related diseases. Apart from this, diseases related to kidney, swelling in the body, stroke and paralysis can be caused by eating more salt.

Use salt as needed

Where excess salt harms the body, on the other hand, eating less salt also makes people weak and fall prey to many diseases. Actually, our body gets sodium from salt. Sodium maintains the right level of water in the body and helps in carrying oxygen and other nutrients to the organs. That’s why one should not consume less Nama.

(This article is for general information, before adopting any remedy must consult a doctor)

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