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LPG Booking Through Missed Call and WhatsApp: Missed Call and Bookappy LPG Cylinder, Note These Phone Numbers

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LPG Booking Through Missed Call and WhatsApp: Missed Call and Bookappy LPG Cylinder, Note These Phone Numbers

Cooking Gas Cylinder Booking: LPG Cylinder (LPG Cylinder) There are several ways to book, including a missed call and booking from WTSA. The country’s three petroleum companies have made this facility available to LPG customers by Bharatgas (BPCL), Indian Oil (IOCL) and Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL).

Ways to book LPG Cylinder From Home: There was a time when the Kitchen Gas (Cooking Gas) had to go to the empty cylinder itself from the house and had to be held in the line. But today is not the case. Today, booking the LPG cylinder is very easy to book, or say that the jokes have become a game. There are several ways to book the LPG cylinder, including the Missed Call and booking from WattsApp (WhatsApp). Three Petroleum companies in the country have made this facility available to LPG customers to LPG customers.

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These numbers can do missed calls and watts

If there is a refill booking through Missed Call then the Indian Oil is number 8454955555 for customers of Inden LPG. The number 7710955555 for BPCL is number 9493602222 for the customers. If the LPG cylinder is to refill with the help of Watsup, then on Inden Customer Watup number 7588888824, BPCL customers can contact at 1800224344 and HP Customer 9222201122.

Booking from Web Portal, Mobile App and SMS

  • Indin customer can book LPG refill through https://cx.indianoil.in and through Indian Oil One Mobile App.
  • BPCL’s customers can do this through https://my.ebharatgas.com and Halo BPCL mobile app.
  • Hindustan Petroleum Customers can book refill through https://myhpgas.in and through HP Mobile App.
  • If there is a refill booking through IVRS and SMS number, there is no number 7718955555 for Inden Gas.
  • BPCL customers can contact at 7715012345/7718012345. At the same time HP has kept the list of state-wise telephone numbers available at https://www.hindustanpetroleum.com/hpanytime.

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These methods are also present

In addition to the above digital mediums, customers can also book their LPG refill through the App or the Bharat App for New Governance App or India. In addition, customers can also pay LPG refill through Amazon (AMAZON), PayTM, etc. These apps are often offered to customers some discount/cashback.

LPG customers have recently got this facility

Now the customers who use LPG will be able to decide that they have to do Gas Refill (LPG Refill) from which Distributor. That is, they will get the option of choosing a distributor of their choice. This facility has been named Refill Booking Portability. In the first phase of the scheme, the benefit of this facility will be available to Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Pune, and Ranchi. This scheme will be first started as a pilot project and if everything is fine then it can be launched in the rest of the cities.

Distributors of your choice will be able to choose

According to the Ministry, the consumer will be able to choose one of the delivery distributors of their Oil Marketing Company (OMC), which lpg distribute LPG in their area. In the same area, the convenience of online transfers of LPG connections to other distributors is provided to LPG customers, along with their mobile app’s web portal. Through the mobile app/client portal using the registered login, when the consumer LPG will be booking Refill, they will look with the list rating of LPG distributors. Customers can choose any distributor from the list applicable to your area to receive LPG refill delivery.

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Source Distributors have the option to contact the customer and issue convenience. If the customer is confident, then he can withdraw the portability request within 3 days fixed time. Otherwise, the connection becomes transfer to an automatically selected distributor. This feature of Refill Booking Portability is free and no charge or transferee fee is not payable for this facility.

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