King Charles III the new monarch of Britain

King Charles III the new monarch of Britain

Soon after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her successor and former Prince Charles of Wales passed the British throne without any ceremony.

But he will have to go through a number of practical and traditional rules before being crowned as the new emperor.

How will they be addressed?

He will now be known as King Charles III.

This is the first decision taken by the new emperor as soon as he took over the throne. He could choose between Charles, Philip, Arthur and George.

He is not the only one in the British royal family whose title will change.

Prince Williams is now the heir to the throne but he will not automatically become the Prince of Wales. However, he would immediately inherit his father’s title, Duke of Cornwall. His wife Catherine will now be known as the Duchess of Cornwall.

Now Charles’ wife, Camilla, will also get a new title. Her full title will now be Queen Consort. This title is used for the wife of the emperor.

formal ceremony

Charles will be officially declared emperor on Saturday. For this, the program will be held in St James’s Palace in London in front of a formal body named Assessment Council (Accession Council).

This council consists of the members of the Privy Council. This includes former and current senior MPs, their counterparts, as well as some senior bureaucrats, the High Commissioner of the Commonwealth and the Lord Mayor of London.

700 people are authorized to participate in the Privy Council, but due to time constraints, very few people will actually be able to attend it. In the last accession council held in 1952, 200 people took part.

At the meeting, the Queen’s demise will be announced by the Lord President of the Privy Council and the associated declaration will be read. At present, MP Penny Mordant is its president.

The wording of the manifesto is subject to change, but it traditionally consists of prayers and oaths expressing gratitude to the former emperor and allegiance to the new emperor.

After this, many senior people including the Prime Minister sign this manifesto. Apart from the Prime Minister, there are also signatures of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Lord Chancellor.

During this ceremony, attention will be drawn to the changes made in the words to symbolize the new era.

Emperor’s first manifesto

Usually a day after this the Assessment Council meets again, this time with the Emperor as well as members of the Privy Council.

Like the President of the United States and many other heads of state, there is no swearing-in at the beginning of the reign of the monarch of Britain. But the new monarch will take an oath to protect the Church of Scotland in a tradition dating back to the 18th century.

After this, there will be a public announcement of Charles becoming the new emperor with pomp and fanfare. This announcement will be made by the official named Garter King of Arms from the balcony of the Friary Court of St James’s Palace.

In 1969, Queen Elizabeth II crowned son Charles as Prince of Wales.

When Charles calls out “God save the king”, the words will be “God save the king” when the national anthem is played for the first time since 1952.

He would be greeted with gun salutes from Hyde Park, the Tower of London and ships from the British Navy and proclaimed Charles as King at Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.


Symbolically, the most important time of accession will be when Charles will be formally crowned. But in view of the preparations, the coronation of Charles will take time. Queen Elizabeth was also proclaimed Queen in February 1952 but was crowned in June 1953.

The coronation has been taking place at Westminster Abbey for the last 900 years. The first monarch to be crowned here was William the Conqueror and Charles would be the fortieth monarch to be crowned here.

It will be a religious ceremony of the English Church, which will be presided over by the Archbishop of Canterbury. At the end of the coronation ceremony, he will place the St. Edwards crown on Charles’s head. This solid gold crown was made in 1661.

It is the most prominent of the British royal family’s ornaments kept in the Tower of London and is only worn by the monarch at the time of coronation. One reason for this is that it weighs 2.23 kg.

Unlike royal weddings, the coronation is a state festival, which is borne by the government and the government decides the guest list.

There is also music at the coronation and the consecration ceremony of the emperor. Oils of oranges, roses, cinnamon, musk and ambergris are used in this.

The new emperor will wear the crown before the eyes of the world. In this elaborate ceremony, the emperor would receive a royal ornament (orb) and scepter as a symbol of his authority, and the Archbishop of Canterbury would place a solid gold crown on his head.

president of the commonwealth

Charles has also become the President of the Commonwealth. It is a group of 56 countries with a population of 2.4 billion. Of these, the heads of state of Britain and fourteen other countries will be Charles.

These countries called Commonwealth Realms are Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, New Zealand, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu. .

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