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Indian citizens can travel without visa in these countries, passport must be with

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Indian citizens can travel without visa in these countries, passport must be with

Whenever the idea of ​​foreign travel comes into mind, the first concern is about the visa (Travel Countries without a Visa). But there are many countries where you can travel without a visa.

Fiji The island country Fiji is very beautiful in appearance. The view of this country with blue beaches is no less than a paradise (Fiji For Travel). Indian tourists do not need a visa to travel here. You can roam here for four months.

Mauritius – Mauritius also allows Indians to enter without a visa. You can travel to this country only with your passport (Mauritius). Visa without a visa is valid for 90 days here.

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Indonesia – Indonesia is known for its beauty in Asian countries. This country also allows Indians to travel without a visa (Travel in Indonesia without Visa). Here you can roam for 30 days without a visa.

Bhutan – Visa is not necessary for going to Bhutan, India’s neighboring country. Here one gets admission with the help of a passport or any other ID. This place is also very much preferred for traveling. One can travel without a visa for 14 days here.

The Maldives – When it comes to enjoying the beach and sea waves and the name of Maldives does not come, it can never happen. This year too, a large number of Indians have enjoyed holidays in this country (Travel in the Maldives). Here Indian tourists get Visa on Arrival offer for 30 days.

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Nepal – Nepal, a country located in the Himalayas, is also known for its beauty. You can also travel here without a visa (Nepal). Due to easy travel rules, Indian tourists prefer to travel to Nepal more than other countries.

Qatar- In Qatar, the Middle East country, tourists from many countries including India are allowed to travel without visa (Traveling in Qatar). The cultural heritage and natural beauty of this place is worth seeing. It is necessary for an Indian tourist to have a passport to come here.

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