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If you edit photos on social media, you will get jail in this country!

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If you edit photos on social media, you will get jail in this country!

Launched in the year 2010, Instagram has influenced people’s lives on many levels in just 11 years. There are many social media influencers present on this platform who edit their photos with filters to make these photos perfect and in the desire for such attractive skin or body, many young men and women take the wrong step.

However, now action will be taken for doing this in this country. According to a new Norwegian law, if influential social media influencers do not explicitly state on their advertising posts that they have edited their photos, they will be either fined or jailed.

This new law of Norway will apply to all social media platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and Snapchat, not just Instagram. It has been brought under the Norway Marketing Act and this law will be applied only for advertising posts.

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According to this law, if a social media personality is advertising a product and tries to edit the muscles, lips, skin or any part of the body to make himself attractive, then he should clearly make it public. will have to do. (Photo Credits: Kylie Jenner Instagram)

Significantly, in the year 2017, a report by the UK Royal Society for Public Health came out in which it was said that due to Instagram, there has been a lot of negative effect on the mental health of many young people and it is more negative to the youth than all other social media platforms. It is the most dangerous app in terms of influence.

Earlier this year, the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK asked social media influencers not to use filters in social media ads that exaggerate the impact of the ad.

Makeup artist and model Sasha Paleri started this campaign in July 2020. He had said that the purpose of this campaign is that people should promote their real skin on Instagram and not mislead other people by promoting fake skin.

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Let us tell you that Instagram was launched in the year 2010. In 2012, Facebook bought this platform for 1 billion dollars. In 2018, trade pundits estimated the net worth of this app at $100 billion. Although extremely popular, this app has affected the mental health of many young people in a very negative way.


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