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Foreign friends in action mode on the deepening corona crisis in India, help reached, know who gave what


Foreign friends in action mode on the deepening corona crisis in India, help reached, know who gave what

News Desk:- Foreign governments, troubled by the pace of the second wave of Corona in India, have started sending help rapidly. The first consignment of an oxygen plant and other equipment reached India within 24 hours after the US announced the supply of vaccine raw materials on Sunday. Help has also started coming from some other countries including Britain, Singapore, Dubai.

India in contact with foreign friends

The Indian government is constantly in touch with other countries. On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke with the Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga, in which there was a special discussion on the help in the Corona epidemic.

Suga also announced to send immediate help to India in the negotiations. There has also been a discussion about this between the Foreign Ministers of Britain and India. The Australian government has called its cabinet meeting on Tuesday, which is expected to get approval on the proposal to help India.

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America will supply raw material for vaccine

The strategic partner country America has shown the most readiness to help India. On Sunday, talks between the two countries’ NSA (National Security Advisors) agreed on other issues, including the supply of raw materials needed for the vaccine. Following this decision, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Foreign Minister Antony Blinken, and many other top officials expressed condolences not only about India’s situation but also assured to send help as soon as possible.

America also ready to help

President Biden said that just as India has helped us in the crisis, similarly we are also ready to help in this hour of crisis. Defense Secretary Austin has told that he has ordered his ministry to take whatever steps are possible to help India as quickly as possible. On Sunday, the first batch of small oxygen concentrators (total number 318) from New York were also flown to New Delhi in an Air India aircraft.

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Japan will help with equipment

After a telephone conversation with PM Modi, Japan was told that it would supply sensitive technology and other equipment to India. In view of the shortage of oxygen in the hospitals of the country, arrangements are being made to bring oxygen concentrators from all over the world. Till now, arrangements have been made to bring more than two thousand such machines to the country.

Britain trusts for help

In a conversation with Britain’s Foreign Minister Dominic Raab on Monday, Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar has been talked about to help with the oxygen supply. However, on Sunday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to send help to India. On behalf of China’s Foreign Ministry, it has been told that 800 oxygen concentrators have been dispatched from the aircraft of SpiceJet, the airline of India. Indian authorities are being talked to for further help.

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Britain sent help

Apart from 495 oxygen concentrators from the UK, other medical devices are arriving this week to help serious patients suffering from Corona. These machines are also coming from Singapore. A fleet of large tankers carrying oxygen from Singapore and the UAE has also reached India on Monday.

He asked for the need from India

Canada says it has asked India for a list of equipment it needs. The proposal to help India will be decided at a meeting to be held in Australia on Tuesday under the chairmanship of PM Marison. Sources say that by this weekend, help from many European countries will also start reaching.

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