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Farmer Loan Waiver Scheme: Agriculture loan of one member of the family will be waived

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Farmer Loan Waiver Scheme: Agriculture loan of one member of the family will be waived

Relief to farmers in Covid-19: Short-term agricultural loans up to Rs 50 thousand will not be recovered In the era of Covid-19, the process of providing relief to the farmers by the Central and State Government is going on. In this sequence, recently, the Jharkhand government has taken a decision to waive off the loans of farmers. Under this, the loans of more than two lakh farmers of the state will be waived.

Let us inform that before the Jharkhand government, the farmers of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh are being given the benefit of a loan waiver. After this, now the Jharkhand government has also provided relief to the farmers by taking the decision of loan waiver in the interest of the farmers. Now the Jharkhand government is also waiving the loans of farmers.

The Jharkhand government is waiving short-term agricultural loans up to Rs 50,000 for the farmers of the state. The Chief Minister of the state had made a provision of Rs 2,000 crore for crop loan waiver in this year’s budget. The state government is waiving agricultural loans of farmers as per its promise. Explain that the Jharkhand government had announced farm loan waiver for farmers in its election announcement itself.

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Farm loans of 980 crore farmers waived

Debt waived off of more than 2 lakh farmers Jharkhand government has waived off the agricultural loans of 2 lakh 46 thousand 012 farmers of the state. Agricultural loans worth Rs 980 crore of these farmers have been waived. Jharkhand Government is implementing Jharkhand Agriculture Loan Waiver Scheme for farm loan waiver to the farmers of the state. Under the scheme, short-term agricultural loans taken by farmers from any bank will be waived. Under this, a loan of Rs 50,000 is being waived.

2,46,012 farmers will get the benefit of loan waiver scheme

State Agriculture Animal Husbandry and Cooperation Minister Badal has said that in the figures given by the banks, there are a total of 9,02,603 ​​(revised) loanee farmers in the loan waiver of farmers, out of which the bank has so far collected 5,61,333 farmers. Data is uploaded. Out of this, the government has waived the loans of 2,46,012 farmers so far. A total amount of 980.06 crore has been given in the loan waiver of farmers. He said that all types of ration cards (including Ujla ration cards) can be used to determine eligibility for loan waiver.

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12.93 lakh short term crop loan accounts, 5,800 crore outstanding

According to the report received through SLBS, there are about 12.93 lakh short-term crop loan accounts in the state as on March 31, 2020, in which loans of about Rs 5,800 crore are outstanding. However, out of 12.93 lakh accounts, 9.07 lakh accounts are standard accounts and the rest are either NPA accounts or write off accounts. Riyat or Non-Riyat of Jharkhand State who are above 18 years of age and have outstanding loan from any recognized bank till 31/03/2020 can apply.

Agricultural loan of one member from a family will be waived

Under the loan waiver scheme operated by the state government, the agricultural loan of one member from a family will be waived. For this, the farmer will have to go to the common service centers / bank branch with his Aadhaar number or copy of the ration card. After this, the farmer’s dues will be confirmed from the farmer’s mobile number and Aadhar card. After that your application has to be authenticated through e-KYC.

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Here in Madhya Pradesh the loan repayment period extended

In Madhya Pradesh, the date of payment of short term crop loans given by primary agricultural credit cooperative societies in Kharif crop 2020 and Rabi crop 2020-21 has been extended. In this regard, General Manager District Cooperative Bank RS Bhadauria informed that the date of repayment of crop loan by the Commissioner Cooperative has been extended from 31 May to 30 June 2021. Farmers using short-term crop loan can deposit the loan amount till June 30. The General Manager said that according to the instructions issued by NABARD, farmers will be given 2 percent interest subvention on short-term crop loans up to Rs. Will be given. All the loanee farmers must pay the loan amount to the banks before the due date.

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