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Do you know these interesting facts related to the Idana Mata temple of Rajasthan, where the mother takes a fire bath

In Udaipur, Rajasthan, there is a temple of Idana Mata full of many wonders and mysteries, in this temple the fire automatically ignites. Let's learn this slow...

Do you know these interesting facts related to the Idana Mata temple of Rajasthan, where the mother takes a fire bath

There are many such temples in our country India which are full of miracles. Somewhere even today, Shri Krishna creates Raas Leela, and somewhere the flame keeps burning in front of the mother. Not only this, it is also the belief of many temples that even today, listening to the requests of the devotees, God himself appears and gives darshan to his devotees in one form or the other.

Idana Mata Temple located in Udaipur, Rajasthan is full of such wonders where the mother bathes with fire instead of bathing with milk, curd or water. Yes, it is true that this temple of Mata actually gives fire bath to the mother, which is nothing less than a surprise. Let us know about some more surprising facts related to this temple.

The Pandavas worshiped the mother

The employees associated with the temple say that the temple is completely open and the mother is seated. It is believed that the Pandavas had passed through here centuries ago, who also worshiped the mother. Also, during the construction of Jaisamand Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Asia, King Jai Singh also came here and worshiped Goddess Shakti. Dashrath Damami, the employee of the temple, says that incense sticks are not offered in front of the idol of Idana Mata because people should not have the illusion that the spark of incense sticks started the fire. An unbroken flame certainly burns, but that too is kept inside the glass. Devotees offer chunari or makeup items to Mataji, which would have been kept behind her statue. It is said that when the weight of the offerings is high and the mother is pleased, the fire takes it off after taking a bath. Then the fire cools down in 1-2 days.

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Mother’s abode under the open sky

In this thousands of years old Shri Shakti Peeth Idana Mata Temple, the tradition of fire bath is going on for centuries. According to the devotees who went here for darshan, whenever there is a huge fire around the idol of the mother, and this fire gets extinguished on its own. It is believed that Idana Mata bathes here with fire. At the time of fire bath, the fire is so fierce that 10 to 20 meters high flames rise. Due to this, everything around the idol of Idana Mata, offerings, other worship materials etc. gets burnt to ashes, but there is no effect of fire on the awakened idol of Idana Mata and the chunari worn. In fact, the incident is not less than a surprise that even after bathing in the fire, the idol of the mother is the same as it was years ago. Whereas the flames rising during the fire bath of Idana Mata have damaged the banyan tree many times, under which Mata Rani is seated for centuries.

mata idana udaipur

Mother’s darshan is there for 24 hours

The special thing about this Shakti Peeth is that the doors and darshan of the mother are open round the clock. Devotees come here anytime with their wishes, which are fulfilled by the mother. Aarti at 5.30 in the morning, Shringar Darshan at seven o’clock in the evening, Aarti Darshan at seven in the evening are the main darshans here.

diseases go away

To visit this temple, devotees from far and wide come to make applications. It is said that the mere darshan of this temple cures all the diseases of the devotees. Not only this, especially patients suffering from paralysis come here for their treatment. Mainly paralyzed patients are treated here. It is said that if a paralyzed person comes here, he comes back only after recovering from here. Here a yajna is performed from the paralyzed and the paralyzed person is passed through an iron gate in the hall built in the temple’s floor. All paralyzed patients sleep in the square in front of the mother’s statue at night. It is believed behind sleeping here that the paralyzed patients are cured only by the mother casting her shadow.

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idana mata temple 1

Trishul ascends to mother

Trishul is mainly offered to Idana Mata and Chunari is offered. It is believed that by offering Trishul and Chunari to the mother, all the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled and childless couples get child happiness.

It is difficult to solve the mystery of fire

According to the local people there, the fire starts igniting on its own 2 to 3 times a month in this temple and the mother takes bath in this fire. The flames of fire are up to 20 feet, but the mystery of the fire has not been solved yet. It is said that due to this fire bath, the temple of the mother has not been built here and the mother resides under the open sky.

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idana mata main

No one knows when the fire starts extinguishing

According to locals, no one has yet been able to trace the fire, how and when it started. Also how does it work. Due to this unique reason, the faith of the devotees in the temple is unwavering. In the days of Navratri, people come from far and wide to see this miracle here.

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