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Death from acne? Doctor told how a ‘Pimples’ on the face can kill you

Recently a doctor said something about facial pimples that people are surprised. He has told that making one mistake with Pimple can even lead to your death.

Generally, if someone has pimples on his face, the person tries to scratch them. This nature is common among people to a great extent. But can popping pimples kill someone? Recently a doctor has shocked everyone by saying something similar.

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Many patients were rescued from the jaws of death.

The doctor has told that it has happened with some of his patients that they had to suffer from fatal infections after bursting pimples. After which he was somehow rescued from the clutches of death. Let us tell you that recently a woman with the ID @imlesbianflavored on TikTok had also told how popping pimples gave her a terrible infection.

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‘Warning against popping pimples’

On TikTok, Dr. Ever Arias warns against popping pimples in a particular area of the face as this can potentially lead to a serious infection. Dr. Ever Arias, resident physician at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center in Orange, California, reacts to regular nose pimple popping videos and explains what not to do with your pimples.

‘If bacteria gets into a pimple…’

In one of his most recent videos, Dr. Arias is seen explaining to his 145,000 followers that if a certain bacteria gets into a burst pimple, it can cause meningitis. This can be fatal by giving you a brain and spinal cord infection.

Triangle of death occurs on the face

Dr. Arias says that no pimple should burst in the area called ‘Triangle of Death’ on your face. This triangle covers the triangular area of your face from the bridge of the nose to both corners of the mouth and connects to the nerves going to the brain.

Death may also occur

He told that it can cause serious infection and swelling. The inflammation can lead to cold blood clots called keratin sinus thrombosis [a rare type of blood clot], but it can also lead to an infection called meningitis, which is an infection of the meninges or brain tissue. Dr. Arias said, in such a situation the patient may suffer from fever or seizures and in some cases it may even lead to death.

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