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Deadly: Facebook engaged in social media poisoning among children

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Deadly: Facebook engaged in social media poisoning among children

  • Children’s Instagram is going to launch in America
  • 44 US states asked Facebook to stop immediately

News Desk: Despite creating 100 million active users of Instagram in the world, its proprietary company Facebook is not satisfied and now it is going to take down Instagram of children in preparation for dissolving the poison of social media even in young children.

Through this, he wants to make crores of small children his users. Realizing its deadly dangers, attorney generals from 44 US states have protested and asked Facebook to stop immediately.

Realizing the fatal consequences of Facebook’s move, attorney generals from 44 US states have objected. Experts are worrying that this Facebook Instagram will severely affect the mental and emotional health of young children.

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They can also bring cyberbullying and online access to child sexual exploiters. For this, in a letter written to Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg, he said clearly that anyway, Facebook’s record is very poor in giving online safety to children.

This new step can be very dangerous for children. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. To become its user, the minimum age is currently kept at 13 years.

Facebook is only looking at profits

According to these 44 states, Facebook is only seeing the economic benefit and profit of its company by creating children’s Instagram. New York State Attorney General Letitia James said it was a very fatal idea. It is like directing children to danger. Concern is being raised about this in almost every category, so we have asked Facebook to stop this format of Instagram.

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Facebook’s bravado

Kids Already Online Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said that today every parent knows that children have already come online. We want to give them a better environment with children’s Instagram. In addition, parents will also be aware of children’s online activities and will get a chance to control it. According to Facebook, special attention will be taken to the safety and privacy of children’s Instagram.

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