Chinese Brand Smartphone Ban in India: Chinese Smartphones May Be Banned Soon! Do you have phones of these brands anywhere?

Smartphone Ban: Do you also have a Chinese brand smartphone? Do you use low cost mobiles from brands like Xiaomi? If yes, then let us tell you that your phone may be banned in India.

Chinese Brand Smartphone Ban in India: Chinese Smartphones May Be Banned Soon! Do you have phones of these brands anywhere?

Chinese Brand Smartphone Ban in India: In today’s time, there will hardly be any person who does not use a smartphone. There are many smartphone brands in the market today and most of the mid-budget phones are made by Chinese brands. Some time ago, Chinese Smartphone Apps were banned in India. Once again there has been talk of banning Chinese products and this time these products are smartphones. Phones of Chinese brands can be banned in India. Let’s know all the latest information about this..

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Chinese Smartphones Getting Banned in India!

According to the news, India is trying to stop Chinese smartphone brands from selling certain cheap phones in India. If India bans the phones of Chinese smartphone brands, then it will have a lot of impact on brands like Xiaomi. Here we are talking about those phones whose price is less than 12 thousand rupees (about $ 150).

Why are smartphones getting banned?

Now let us know what could be the reason behind this move of India. The smartphone industry of our country is faltering in front of these Chinese brands and this step is being taken to empower them. India, which is the world’s second largest smartphone market, is looking to weed out Chinese brands from its lower segment.

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Which brands of phones can be discontinued

Let us tell you that if India takes this decision, then it may affect those people who have phones of Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and Realme brands. If you are an Apple or Samsung user, then this decision of India i.e. smartphone ban will not make any difference to you.

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