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Big news: Full lockdown in Rajasthan from 10 May to 24 May, ban on wedding ceremony till 31st

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Big news: Full lockdown in Rajasthan from 10 May to 24 May, ban on wedding ceremony till 31st

The government has now taken a major decision to break the Corona transition chain, the Home Department has issued new guidelines.

The government is now going to take strict steps to break the chain of rising corona infection in Rajasthan. Taking a big decision of this, the Gehlot government has announced a complete lockdown in the state.

According to the information, there will be a complete lockdown in the state from 5 am to 24 May on 10 May. At the same time, marriage will be completely stopped on 31st of May. The Home Department has also issued guidelines regarding this in the late night.

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Neither DJ nor wedding

According to the new guidelines, no ceremony, DJ, procession clearance or partying will be allowed in relation to the wedding. Marriage will be allowed at home or as a court marriage. Only 11 people will be present in it. At the same time, the information of marriage will have to be given on the portal made by DOIT. Home delivery of any type of goods related to tent house and confectioner will also not be allowed for marriage. Along with this, any type of group meal will also not be allowed.

At the same time, workers working in the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and other rural development schemes during lockdown will be allowed to work with the Corona Guidelines and Social Distancing.

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Religious places will remain closed

All religious places in the state will remain closed during the lockdown. The government has appealed to the common people to perform poojas and prayers only at their homes. During this time all public transport such as buses, tampos, jeeps will be completely closed. However, during this period, there will be complete exemption for vehicles for medical services. Vehicles transporting essential goods from one district to another within the state and going outside the state will be exempted.

At the same time medical shops and other essential goods shops will be allowed to open. Although there is no definite time to open and close the grocery stores, information has not been given.

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The attendant of the corona patient will also be quarantined

With this, Sherakar has said that if possible, no attendant should accompany the hospitalized corona patient, and only one person should be allowed to do so if necessary. For this, a pass issue should be issued on behalf of the hospital. At the same time, the big thing is that now the attendant will also have to stay in the home quarantine after being isolated from his family for 15 days.

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