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Beware: the cases of insurance fraud are increasing constantly, keep these things in mind, otherwise, the loss will be

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Beware: the cases of insurance fraud are increasing constantly, keep these things in mind, otherwise, the loss will be

In order to secure our future, we invest and take various types of insurance plans. The importance of insurance has increased even more during the Corona period. Nowadays there are many types of insurance plans available in the market, these include life insurance, travel insurance, car insurance, accidental insurance, etc. Insurance is a must to deal with any accidental disaster. There are many companies and banks in the market that insure customers. But in the name of insurance, lakhs of lime is also being charged to the customers.

In such a situation, you should take special care of some things while buying it.

Do not ignore the agent blindly

Typically, insurance agents make big claims to sell the policy to customers. For example, you will get huge guaranteed returns, you have to pay a premium for five years, the company will do it, etc. The most common thing that is heard, is that the return is guaranteed, you sign the form and I will fill it all. Most people believe in all these things and buy the policy.

But are all the things said by the agent really correct? So the simple answer to this is absolutely not. Actually, the insurance agent tells the customer all the things that the customer feels good to hear and does not provide information about the technical things related to the policy. Selling an insurance product in this way by an agent is called miss-selling, ie selling products incorrectly.

Call insurance company

Nowadays 24-hour toll-free numbers of all insurance companies are available. For every kind of clarification about the insurance product, you should call these numbers and get all the necessary information. If you ever feel that the agent is telling you some false facts, then please take an explanation on your doubt on the phone at the toll-free number of the insurance company.
Avoid confusing phone calls

The increase of miss-selling through misleading phone calls is becoming a cause of trouble and slander for the insurance industry. In this, the callers give false information such as interest-free loans and huge bonuses and trap customers in the trap. Many times, he surrenders the existing policy and even advises to take a new policy, which causes the customer to suffer double loss.

Upon investigation, it has been found that people who do this often in the past are directly or indirectly connected with the insurance company and even after separating themselves from the company, they do such activities. It is important to know whether you are buying the policy from the authentic insurance channel. If you are purchasing a policy online, check whether the domain of the insurer’s website is genuine or not.

Always choose the safe payment option

Insurers should always opt for the secure payment option for payment. Customers can pay premiums directly to insurance companies by check, debit, and a credit card or online methods. This helps to establish a link to the transaction, which is not possible in cash payments. By doing this, you will have proof to whom you have paid. This will also ensure that the agent from whom you have purchased the policy is not putting premium money in his pocket.


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