Best Job: This is the best company in the world! Every employee gets at least Rs 63 lakh in salary annually

Trending News: The company's CEO Dan Price wrote on Twitter that, in this way, he started paying salaries 6 years ago. No matter how bad times have come since then, the company is making steady progress. Since the increase in salary, the company's revenue has increased up to three times.

Best Job: This is the best company in the world! Every employee gets at least Rs 63 lakh in salary annually

Latest Trending News: Due to Corona epidemic and Russia Ukraine war, most of the countries of the world are slowly moving towards economic recession. Its effect is visible for a long time. Most companies are firing employees to save expenses, many companies have reduced the salary of their employees.

But in the midst of all this, there is such a company which is not doing any of these two work, rather it is increasing the salary. The CEO of this company is giving a minimum salary of $ 80 thousand per year i.e. about Rs 63,65,008 annually to its employees. He appeals to other companies also to take such steps and pay proper salaries.

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The CEO of this company has done amazing

This company, which has made headlines by giving more salary to the employees, is Gravity Payments. Its CEO is Dan Price, who heads it in Seattle. Dan Price told that he definitely gives a package of at least 80 thousand dollars to every employee. It also has the option of remote working and flexible work. Apart from this, he also gives some money for parental leave.

Appeal to every company to do this

Dan Price wrote on Twitter that other companies should do the same for their employees. They should be respected to be with us in this journey. He said, “My company not only takes care of the salary package, but also takes care of other facilities of the staff. Here the salary starts from at least 80 thousand dollars. They have the freedom to work from anywhere. During this time they have to work in the office. The salary is the same. Also the company provides paid leave to those on parental leave. He says that we get more than 300 applicants per job. He says that no one wants to work in bad environment. Therefore every company should give proper salary to its employees.

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Initiative was taken 6 years ago, the company is also making progress

He told on social media how he had increased the salary of every employee in his company 6 years ago to $ 70 thousand annually, which has now been increased to $ 80 thousand. He told that ever since the salary was increased, the revenue of the company has also tripled.

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