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Ajab-Gazab | Story of a temple in India that opens only for 5 hours in a year

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Ajab-Gazab | Story of a temple in India that opens only for 5 hours in a year

Ajab-Gazab | There are many such temples in India, which have many secrets in themselves. Due to these mysteries, these temples are famous not only in India but all over the world. Some temples are known for their unique architecture, while some temples are popular all over the world due to the strange events happening here.

Today we are going to tell you about one such temple which is very unique in itself. The special thing is that this temple opens only for five hours a year. Along with this, many special rules have been made for women too.

Actually, we are talking about Nirai Mata Temple. This temple is situated on a hill 12 km away from the Gariaband district headquarter of Chhattisgarh. In the temple of Nirai Mata, vermilion, honey, makeup, kumkum, gulal, bandan are not offered, but the mother is pleased with coconut and incense sticks.

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Usually in temples where deities are worshiped throughout the day, in the temple of Nirai Mata, only a special day of Chaitra Navratri can be seen for 5 hours i.e. from 4 in the morning to 9 in the morning. It is prohibited to come here during the rest of the day. Whenever this temple opens, thousands of people reach here to have a darshan of the mother.

It is said that every year during Chaitra Navratri, the flame is lit on its own in Nirai Mata temple. How this miracle happens, it remains a puzzle till date.

Villagers say that it is a miracle of Nirai Devi that the flame keeps burning for nine days without oil. Women are not allowed to enter and worship Nirai Mata temple. Here only men perform the rituals of worship.

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Let us tell you that it is forbidden for women to eat the Prasad of this temple. It is said that if women eat the offerings of the temple, then something untoward happens to them.

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