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28 kmpl gives the mileage, these top 3 cars coming in the budget of 6 lakhs


28 kmpl gives the mileage, these top 3 cars coming in the budget of 6 lakhs

Auto Desk:- If you are looking for a good mileage car at a lower price, know about a liter of fuel about those three cars. The mileage of 28 kmpl is also in the yearly budget of 6 million.

There is a car in the auto sector of India or the bike is the highest sales of more mileage and low-cost vehicles. There is also a 28 kilometer mileage car, which has a 28-kilometer mileage.

If you also want to buy more mileage cars at a low prices, then we will tell you about the top 3 cars which come in less budget, premium features with 28 kilometers.

In this list, we have a car from Tata to Maruti and they have three car hatchback segments. Apart from this, these three cars can be purchased with a starting budget of 6 lakhs.

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Maruti Swift VDI: This car of Maruti is one of the most stylish cars of the hatchback segment. The company has launched this car in both petrol and diesel variants. In which we are talking about its diesel variants. The company has given a 1248 CC engine which can generate 190 nm torque with 74 BHP power. This car has been given manual transmission.

The company’s medicine about the car’s mileage is that this car gives a mileage of 28.4 kilometers in one-liter diesel. But talk about its petrol engine, he gives a mileage of 22 kilometers. The starting price of the car is Rs 5.99 lakh.

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Tata Tiago: Tiago of Tata Motors is a premium hatchback car in which the company has given 1047 cc’s diesel engine. These engines can generate a power of 69 bhp and 140 nm. The manual transmission has been given in the car.

The car’s mileage claims that this car gives 27.28 kilometers of mileage on a liter diesel consumption. It is a claim about the gasoline version of this car that he gives a mileage of 24 kilometers. The starting price of this car is 4.99 lakh rupees.

Tata Tigor: Titz is the second premium car of Tata Motors, the company has launched it in 6 variants. The company has given a petrol engine with a 3-cylinder 1199 CC, which generates a power of 86 PS and 113 nm.

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The company has also given the option of AMT Gearbox with a 5-speed manual transmission. Talking about the mileage of this car, it claims about its diesel variants that this car gives 27 kilometers of mileage. While talking about its petrol variants, 24 kilometers per liter has been claimed about his mileage. The starting price of the car is Rs 5.59 lakh.

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